Me!Well what would you like to know? I’m guessing favourite colour and shoe size won’t cut it so I’ll try to give you the essence of “me” and who I am in a couple of hundred words.

My full name is Lian Kelly Trowers . Funny name I know. What can I say – my mum had a penchant for the slightly unusual. Lian is actually a variant spelling of “Lee-ann” which is a lot less unusual than it used to be. Trowers is pretty rare and I expect I’m distantly related to anyone else with that surname. But the full moniker is unique as far as I know and I’m fond enough of it to have retained it when I married and to write under it now.

I live on the border between Stockport and the great city of Manchester, where I came to university (eons ago) to graduate in Psychology. My husband of twenty years is also my best friend of thirty and we have a teenage son who is just scrumptious. Between them they have inadvertently provided me with enough material to write anecdotes for years, but I know they would be mortified to find their exploits documented on line for all to see, so I’ll resist as often as I can (curse them).

I have too many enthusiasms to list here and one of my reasons for blogging is to share some of these with you. Of course I can also rant as much as the next person but I will try very hard not to sap your energy by venting my spleen too often. See how I wriggled out of saying “never”? I’m bound to slip into rant mode occasionally and I apologise in advance. Generally though, I’m of the philosophy that life is way too short to waste it complaining. I find that a damn good swear usually gets it out of my system instead. In fact swearing in itself is one of my enthusiasms and I may have to write a whole essay on the topic…

The other (and main) reason for blogging is because I enjoy writing and the occasional opportunities to wordsmith in my day job are insufficient to satisfy my creative urges. “Jeez, not another wannabee writer”, I hear you sigh before reaching for the “Back” button or the little “X” in the top right hand corner. Sadly yes, but I hasten to add that I’m in it for the sheer pleasure of the process rather than an ambition to be the next JK Rowling or Hilary Mantel. If I happen to pick up a few followers amongst you on the way, that would be awesome. I welcome you on board and I hope that you enjoy reading my offerings even a fraction as much as I enjoy writing them.

So what can you expect from me if you decide to check in after week one? Terrific tales, miscellaneous musings, stirring stories, random recollections, ramblings and … oh hell I’ve exhausted my alliterative abilities already. Let’s just say that hopefully there’ll be words. And they might even be arranged in an order that makes sense. Come back next week and you can be the judge.

P.S. It’s red and size 7 by the way (just in case you were wondering).